HMA Tech Cmte

Technical Committee

Committee Co- Chairs: Massimo Columbai, The Dolomite Group, Chris Suttmeier, Peckham Materials Corporation

Committee Mission: The Purpose of this committee to work independently and with agencies, and designers to develop specifications, procedures, and mixes which meet the needs of all the parties involved: smooth, durable, functional, and cost effective. This committee is the backbone of the associations Asphalt Division. It is the clearing house for all things asphalt. Because of the leadership and expertise of this committees participants, the association continues to be a strong partner with agencies, but in particular New York State Department of Transportation’s Main Office Materials Bureau. This Bureau continues to work closely with this committee to insure that asphalt mixes going on the roads in New York State are the best that they can be.

Some of the initiatives this committee has overseen:

  • Total revision to the Asphalt Plants QC/QA Program in conjunction with NYSDOT
  • Development of a 6.3mm Polymer Modified Thin Lift Overlay
  • Revisions to the design criteria for Superpave Asphalt mixes
  • Development of a Warm Mix Asphalt Specification and Warm Mix Technology Approval Process
  • Reviews and helps administer the Quality Control Technician Certification program with Alfred State College
  • The list of initiatives worked on and finalized through this committee is far too long to list.

Suffice it to say that any and all specifications related to asphalt have run through this committee.

(link) New York State Department of Transportation’s Standard Specification Book. Specifically the Asphalt Pavement Sections which is the 400 Sections

(link) New York State Department of Transportation’s Materials Procedure 401. This procedure describes the Quality Control and Quality Assurance Procedures for Hot Mix Asphalt

(link) New York State Department of Transportation’s Materials Method 5.16. This method describes the Superpave Hot Mix Asphalt mixture design and verification procedures

(link) New York States Fuel and Asphalt Price Adjustments established monthly: