Showcase Awards

Showcase Awards

The HMA Showcase Awards are the Asphalt Promotion Committees awards program to recognize those producers, suppliers, owners, designers, contractors, or other parties who demonstrate exceptional performance as it relates to asphalt paving. The awards program was re-introduced after many years of inactivity in 2005. Each year the Promotion Committee celebrates the winning projects at it’s Annual Showcase Luncheon at the Associations Fall Meeting. Congratulations to all the Showcase Award Winners both past and present.


2016 HMA Golf Outing and “BM Trophy” Winners:

Scott Collins

Tom Kinsella

Scott Owen       

Greg Rinaldi 

2016 Asphalt Pavement Showcase Award Winners


For our tenth year in a row, the Asphalt Pavement Producer Council celebrated its Annual Award Winners. Five projects where on display during the morning of the General Session and presented with their Showcase Awards during the Asphalt Luncheon.  Each project had its own unique set of challenges, but in the end through cooperation and combined expertise, they were completed successfully, on time and to the satisfaction of all involved.  Congratulations to all those involved in these award winning contracts.  In addition, we gave our Annual Golf Outing Awards with the “BM” Trophy going to Team Tracey.  Thank you to all participants in this must attend event.  The funds generated from the Golf Outing met the Producer Council’s pledge to the Asphalt Pavement Alliance.



NYSDOT VPP 5V1547 – Route 354: 9.5mm PMA Mill & Fill 

Project Contractor & Award Recipient:                   Keeler Construction

Project Owner:                                                    New York State Department of Transportation – Region 5

Project Asphalt Supplier:                                      Canadian Asphalt Industries, Inc.

Project Supplier & Awarding Producer:                   County Line Stone








              Keeler doing award winning paving work


NYS Thruway- TAB 16-5 D214429 – Mill & Resurface MP 362.3 to MP 378.2 

Project Contractor & Award Recipient:                   Villager Construction, Inc.

Project Owner:                                                     New York State Thruway Authority – Buffalo Division

Project Supplier & Awarding Producer:                   Hanson Aggregates New York, LLC


Village doing night work on the Thruway


 Ideal Dairy Farms Bunker Silo Expansion 

Project Contractor & Award Recipient:                   Peckham Road Corp.

Project Owner:                                                    Ideal Dairy Farm

Project Designers:                                               Aaron Weiss, P.E

Project Supplier & Awarding Producer:                  Peckham Materials Corp.


Drone captures Peckham working on storage area



Runway 14-32 Rehabilitation – Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport 

Project Contractor & Award Recipient:                   Suit-Kote Corporation

Project Owner:                                                     Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport

Project Designers:                                                C & S Engineers, Inc.

Project Supplier & Awarding Producer:                   Suit-Kote Corporation


      Suit Kote using GPS as grade control




Realignment of Middlebush Road (CR 93) – Dutchess County 

Project Contractor & Award Recipient:                   A. Colarusso & Son, Inc.

Project Owner:                                                    Dutchess County Department of Public Works

Project Designers:                                               Maser Consulting, P.A.

Project Testing Laboratory:                                  Advance Testing Company, Inc.

Project Supplier & Awarding Producer:                  Thalle Industries, Inc.


 Route 93 completed and opened to traffic