Concrete Tech Cmte

Welcome to the Concrete Tech Cmte Site

The New York Construction Materials Association, Concrete Technical Committee’s main directive is to provide a collective collaboration of ideas and technical issue discussions that address, with respect to Public as well as Private Concrete Construction, technical concerns brought forth by the membership. Through this collective of professional industry specialists that make up the committee, the membership has the opportunity to present any area of concern with respect to concrete technical issues or directives using the full weight of the association as approved by the board of directors. The Concrete Technical Committee is also available to provide support for the Associate Membership, the Education Committee, the Concrete Promotional Committee, the Aggregate Technical Committee and all related committees and sub-committees as required.

Chairman’s message:

The Technical committee is at the disposal of the membership and is only as strong as the participating members want it to be. Feel free to take advantage of the opportunities that this committee and all the association committees provide in their ability to collectively address any issue or potential directive specific to our individual needs and concerns. The membership’s individual needs turn out to affect all members from time to time and generally these needs work out to improve the industry as a whole. The Committee also provides the membership an avenue to present technical presentations that affect our industry. Your individual time and effort is greatly appreciated and together we can continue to make the association strong.  Thank You!